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Humble beginnings foraying into cotton merchandising.

1995 – KGPP

With more than 40 years of experience in the fields of ginning and spinning, Mr. P.Padmanabhan, who is also known by the name Cotton King Padmanabhan, is the sole man army behind Kumaran Gin and Pressing Private Limited (KGPP), a textile company that entered the cotton business with a desire to develop a successful business model through the horizontal integration of the cotton supply chain.

2003 – ASM

Arvind Spinning Mills (ASM) is a venture initiated by Kumaran Gin and Pressing Private Limited (KGPP). Based out of the knitwear capital of India, Tirupur, the company attained exponential growth over the years, resulting in its foray into cotton merchandizing, ginning, spinning and garment production. ASM primarily deals with the production of yarn alongside fabrics and garments. The company operates spinning mills for the production of primary, melange, textures and various kinds of special effects yarn, and dedicated

2017 – INI Garments

INI was created as a result of the love for the outdoors, adventure and for conscious consumers, by delivering environment-friendly and socially-responsible products at affordable prices. In all we do at INI, we choose to take what’s out there and create a positive impact that inspires and realizes a more sustainable tomorrow. INI’s mission is to create a sustainable clothing brand that positively impacts the environment and people around us, for a better tomorrow.

2018 – ASM (Replay)™

ASM (Replay)™ yarns make use of its unique and proprietary process, combining 100% recycled PET and up-cycled cotton in order to spin the lightweight, soft and durable (Replay)™ yarns. The (Replay)™ process minimizes dyes and significantly reduces the use of chemicals, water, and energy.

ASM Roadmap


To be the foremost provider of quality yarn based on market needs and demands, produced with the highest quality raw materials by utilizing innovative technologies, and under ethical working conditions.


To be a global leader in the textile industry by employing sustainable
business practices.

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